Oversea Finance Company Insurance: 
Our quest at Oversea Finance Company is to write Specialty Lines Insurance where the more difficult and unusual risks are written. The Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance coverage for commercial and industrial construction risks within small to middle-market accounts worldwide, across a broad array of contractor classes. This type of insurance requires a high degree of expertise and experience which our team of specialists can help and advise the type of coverage and plan best suited to your individual risk profile. We offer up to 50 million USD|EURO over general liability policies of standard insurance companies.

Oversea Finance Company Capital:
This sector specializes in providing customized Credit Enhancement solutions, including the issuance of Financial Guarantees, Surety Bonds, and Wrapped Securities to our private clients. No matter your financial or capital requirements, our creative team will analyze your individual transactional specifications and create a solution just for you.

Oversea Finance Company Indemnity:
The Oversea Finance Company Indemnity consultants are experienced in providing clients with Payment and Performance Bonds. These bonds are backed by our Reinsurance partners or one of our associated AAA-rated and Treasury Listed banks. Subject to legal restrictions, which may be applicable in certain instances by virtue of local law, our consultants are prepared to negotiate and execute in all legal territories and major markets around the world. No matter what your current bonding situation is, we can improve the amount of surety credit currently available to your company. even if you have been declined by another surety agency or company.

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